Tips for Purchasing Blinds for a Café

By | February 28, 2019
Tips for Purchasing Blinds for a Café

When you’re searching for a set of blinds for your business, it’s important to be selective. Blinds can be expensive, and it’s likely that your customers are going to be spending a lot of time near them. Blinds come in all shapes and sizes, so you will want to spend time researching the perfect set before you make a final purchasing decision. To what kinds of things should you be paying attention as you search for blinds for your café?

What Will Be Important to Your Customers?

In a typical café environment, customers are likely to purchase their food and drink and stay in the restaurant for quite a while. What kind of atmosphere are you trying to create for these customers? What will be important to them as they’re sitting in your café having business meetings, reading a book, or working on their computers?

If you’re in an extremely sunny area, you may want to think a bit about light protection. Especially if you have windows that face the sun, your customers could become extremely uncomfortable if they’re sitting near a window. Some blinds are great at blocking out light, but not all are designed to do this effectively. In addition to making your customers more comfortable, you can save money by having blinds that effectively block out light, and therefore heat.

You may also want to think about privacy depending on the location of your café. If your café is located right on a busy street and you typically have a lot of people walking past your windows, it may be important to your customers that they be able to close the blinds so that they have privacy and are not distracted by things happening outside. Café blinds should serve the needs of your customers, since they’re the ones that will be getting the most use out of them.


If you run or own the café, you likely understand just how important it is to have the correct atmosphere in your business. Most of your customers come to you, not because they can’t get the food and drink you serve somewhere else, but because they want a particular feeling or atmosphere. If you have many customers that sit and work in your restaurant for hours at a time, it’s extremely important that you think about the style of the blinds. There are many different styles available, some of which are very formal and professional looking, and others that are meant to make people feel comfortable. In addition to the shape of the blinds, colour is extremely important in a café. Depending on how your café is decorated, a darker colour may work very well. In addition to contributing to the style and general atmosphere, a darker colour would also help to keep out light and heat. Different styles can also make cleaning easier or more difficult, so you should factor this into your decision as well.