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Shower Drain Installation Inside the Bathroom

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Using the correct shower drain installation steps are very important when you want to install a drain for your shower space. Having a comfortable bathroom is very important for many people. As we all now, the shower space will make you able to take a bath by pouring the shower water from above your body. Since it is poured nonstop, there must be a drain installation which can flow the water to the sewer immediately. If this drain installation does not exist, the water will overflow to the dry bathroom and make a mess in it.

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Correct Shower Drain Installation Process

There are some things that are needed in the shower drain installation. This installation process can be started after you install the 2” drain pipe under the shower space. Place this drain pipe in the center of an approximately 5” diameter’s hole in the flooring. You need to make sure that the top of this pipe is not higher than the floor surface. The pipe cannot be more than 1/8” lower that the top floor surface. After the drain pipe is installed correctly in the position, you can start to prepare the drain body.

To complete this shower drain installation process, you need to apply a strong adhesive to the drain body. Apply the adhesive all around the under-side of the flange. This adhesive is an important shower drain installation tool. After that, simply install the drain body to the shower base before it is placed on the floor. You can insert the drain body from the top side and the firmly press it into the place. This way, the silicone adhesive will create an even seal. Then place the rubber washer and after that the slip washer from the floor bottom. The drain nut will complete the installation under the floor.

Completing the Shower Drain Installation

As for the base of the floor, you can place the compression gasket and compression nut above the shower drain installation from before. Strainer will complete this drain installation. You can try to open your shower to see whether this drain installation is work or not. If you feel difficult to follow the steps above, you can search and watch the shower drain installation video. It will help you to finish the installation process correctly.

Shower Drain Installation Inside the Bathroom  %Image Name