How to Drain Your Home Plumbing System

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At some point, you may need to drain your home plumbing system. For example, this may be necessary because you are performing a seasonal shutdown of a property for the winter, or because you are preparing for a major plumbing repair. You may also wish to drain your home plumbing system in order to fix a water hammer problem.

As follows are the steps you need to take to drain your plumbing system. For steps that involve opening faucets, leave faucets in an open position after performing the step.

  1. At the water meter, turn off the main water supply to the house. To do this, locate the water meter, which will probably be located either in the basement or outside the home. Use a pipe wrench to turn the two valves on either side of the water meter in a clockwise direction until they will not turn any more.
  2. Open all sink faucets, starting with the faucets on the top floor and working down.
  3. Open the faucet in your laundry tub in the basement or lowest level of your home, allowing the water from the upper floors to drain.
  4. Open all of the tub/shower faucets in the highest level of the home and work your way down.
  5. Flush all of the toilets.


That’s it! You’re all done! When you have finished these tasks, there may be a slight drip at the lowest faucet as the last of the water in your pipes drains out. After that, no water should come out of any of your faucets.

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