How to Create a Comfortable Entertainment Space in Your Home

By | February 24, 2019
How to Create a Comfortable Entertainment Space in Your Home

No one who’s ever been a fan of home theatres – or theatres in general – can argue with the idea that one’d be better off without it if the cinema can’t even offer cinema-quality seating. From eclectic apartment arrangements to a luxurious and rather dramatic home theater imitating Parisian opera interiors, your home theater will be a special retreat, given it’s been planned for comfort too.

While the packages offered at quality stores such as Home Cinema Center are quite convenient for a newbie, everyone ideally should have an idea of what the seating comfort with respect to their home theater seating should be.


Having the seat’s material as per the design scheme set up in the surrounding environment is important, but the comfort level it provides, particularly for long periods, is even more so. High-quality leather makes for a solid investment, but then there are different cuts and grades allowing for different texture and feel, not to say the aging process of your theatre seating that the material is available in.

Full grain, top grain, and bonded leather are some terms you may come across when shopping for your theatre seating. To put it simply, the full grain hide has all the natural markings (leather’s never perfect) to show it’s a genuine piece and not affected much by processed, whereas the top grain is the outermost section that is strong and durable. Bonded leather, which is the latest addition, is more than 80% synthetic leather, and therefore, despite the grain look, lacks the same quality or the ability to get better with age as real leather.

Other alternatives include faux-leather and fabric upholstery.

Ergonomics and Amenities

This depends more or less on how you want to configure the space, that is, whether you are inclined towards the traditional or whether you prefer the trends for an updated and modern home theater seating.

For the former, you may get the classic flip-up actual cinema seats. For the latter (available more easily from the plethora of both brick-and-mortar shops or via e-commerce sites such as Home Cinema Center), you may opt for anything from plush rows of seats to single chairs.

More often than not, these come with built-in cooled and lighted cup holders, buttkickers, large storage compartments, and drop-down backs for a makeshift side table, often even featuring electronic adjustability, heat, and massage at the touch of a button! Any guesses why your child or the guests you had invited over don’t want to leave their seats? Stretch, slouch, eat, and enjoy – with the flexible designs, the seating is not only space-efficient and handsome, but also comfortable.

To plan the entertainment space in your home well, check the dimensions to see whether they allow for aisles of free movement too. Also, by getting a variety of entertainment seating options in terms of softness and firmness for everything from theater seats to recliners and love seats or couches, movable or mounted, you ensure everyone’ll have a seat comfortable for them.