60+ Stunning Butcher Block Dining Table with Swanky Contemporary Style

By | January 22, 2019
60+ Stunning Butcher Block Dining Table with Swanky Contemporary Style

Nowadays, beautifying your beloved dining room with modern butcher block dining table appears more popular. Besides, some of you perhaps adore some contemporary style and want to pour the admiration of it through adding some particular furniture. So, picking the right material and shape of the dining table will be very important here since the table always become the center of the whole dining room decoration. And of course, because modern style always comes in a very sophisticated yet simple platform, then choosing butcher block dining table set in a basic rectangular shape apparently emerges as the common step. For you who loves DIY concept you can also develop and implement some butcher block dining table DIY concepts.


Blending Butcher Block Dining Table with Other Furniture

Wooden butcher block dining table comes in the very first place if you want to enhance the contemporary style in your dining room. With precise rectangular shape, it will emerge absolutely perfect as the main hint. You can combine it with the right furniture, for instance wooden chunky chairs, or lovely rattan chairs. Moreover, to get homier ambiance, you need to add some additional furniture and accessories such as modest contemporary pendant lamps or simple vases.


Further ahead, the butcher block dining table can be combined with some particular elements so the dining room will spark as the cozy place for you and your family members. The best suggestion here is developing wooden floor as the companion. Then if you want to add a little bit tranquil atmosphere, perhaps you can choose to have some large glass sliding doors and windows, along together with white painted wall so your dining room will appears as homey modern space.

Butcher Block Dining Table and its Precise Shape and Material

About the shape ad material, there are some interesting choices. You can choose wooden table with iron base, or others which have maple tops and bases. Rectangular shape as already being mentioned earlier is the common and favorable option, but actually you can pick other shape as long as it can satisfy your needs. After all, deciding the type of butcher block dining table always give your new excitements since you can explore your sense in term of choosing the right furniture.