80 Pretty and Simple Thanksgiving Decorations Ideas for Porch

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What’s pop in your mind when you hear the word ‘Thanksgiving’? Turkey? Feast? What else? Well, I don’t know about you but when I heard the word ‘Thanksgiving’ I always think about how happy we are celebrating that day with my family and friends. For my mom, Thanksgiving means that there will be foods on that fancy dinner table. Okay, the foods and the table are crucial, but what about the porch? This is what our friends and relatives see the first time they enter our house. So, we need to be all out in preparing the Thanksgiving, including thinking about the Thanksgiving decorations for porch.

It doesn’t need to be excessive or festive because there are a lot of things to do about the entire decorations. The Thanksgiving decorations for porch should be simple, eye-catching, and show the spirit of Thanksgiving that gives warm for the guests. Like, the rustic barn theme is one of the most popular porch decorations for Thanksgiving because you don’t need to put huge effort to make it. You can use the wooden ladder as the base of the Thanksgiving porch arrangement. Then put flowers on pot, pumpkins, and the haystacks that will show the rustic and barn-y ambience. If you think that it was too hard to do, then a simple decoration with the faux pumpkins in a mason jar and faux fall leaves on a vase is enough to give warm feeling for the guests.

In order to show the spirit of Thanksgiving, you can make DIY wooden sign with words on it. A simple word like “Happy Thanksgiving” or “Keep Calm and Eat Pie” could be the best decoration for porch to welcome the guests. If it is just not enough, let’s check our gallery that shows you the best Thanksgiving decorations for porch that simple to make.

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