70 Favorite Small Living Room Decoration Ideas to Space Saving

By | October 22, 2019

Space is the arch enemy in the modern-day housing. The cost of lands that are always increasing lead us to vertical housing, which is more affordable. As the result, we live in a small apartment even though some of us have small house too. But let me keep this straight, a small space is not an obstacle as long as we know how to choose small living room decoration that will adorn the room and keep it spacious. Yep, the living room still becomes the most comfortable area that will make the guests feel homey and relax.

One of the things that you can do is letting the windows opened so the living room gets enough natural light. Don’t use the curtains to block the sunshine and just let it comes inside the house to give spacious feel. Also, you can add mirror panels that will reflect the light and deceive the sight as it gives you broader sensation. And you need to keep it comfortable by choosing the right furniture, such as the L-shaped sofa that will take the advantage the corner space, huge rug that will cover the floor and add more textures on there, and paint the wall with bright tone to give festive appearance and refreshing sense. Those things will add the coziness in the living room even if it doesn’t get wide space.

Most of homeowners also use the living room for different purpose, such as family room or home office. You can try this idea too by removing the wall panels or use sliding panels to separate the room. Now you have a multifunctional room that can be transformed based on your needs. Last but not least, you can adopt the minimalism concept; less decoration is better. Use only a few decoration and keep the living room as minimalist as possible.