45 Modern Rustic Living Room Decor Ideas That Will Inspire You

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Even though the world has moved on, some people stuck in the past era for good. It’s fine as long as it’s all about design. There are people who prefer rustic or vintage style as the base concept of their interior design. And it’s good, it’s good. The rustic and vintage style still manages to bring classic ambience and they love it. It’s like we time traveling to the 70s or 80s where everything looks great even though they are out of dated. And now, if you intend to make the rustic living room decor happens, we’ll help you to make it so!

The one thing that you can do is let the wood or the bricks on the wall exposed. It looks better when you use vinyl wood flooring planks that will make the whole living room has barn or farm-y ambience. That’s just for the starters. The next thing you can add to increase rustic ambience in the living room is using plenty of seating. It will show the guests that the living room is inviting to relax and enjoy the welcoming space. Meanwhile for those unfortunate homeowners who apparently have small space in the living room, you can use rattan sofa with pillows and cushion to show comfort. Keep in mind that the key of creating rustic living room design is how we deal with the available space.

Another treatment you can try on the living room is by adding rustic drapes on the windows. It is a small detail that will thicken the rustic feel on the living room. Choose the drapes pattern that correspond the pillows or sofa, that way there would be color coordination on the furniture. Last, the lighting will play the looks of the living room. You can use yellow accent lights that add the warmth and create coziness.

You can check below designs to get some inspiration to decorate your living room.

45 Modern Rustic Living Room Decor Ideas That Will Inspire You