45 Colorful Modern Living Room Drapes Ideas That You Must See

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Sometimes it’s very hard to decide which kind of living room drapes that suit your style. Yeah, decorating the windows with drape is the best way to enhance the style, add the color gradation, and also show its personality. But who thought it doesn’t sound like an easy thing to do? Keep in mind that drapes are available in various styles and colors.

So, the first thing you should do is determining the character or personality that you want to show in the living room. Once you find that, a country styled curtain for example, then it is easier to do the next part as there are several variables you need to decide before purchasing a new drape.

The next thing you should know is the material of the drapes. Even though curtains and drapes come in a lot of options, but some of them offer better quality than others. Silk curtain is one of the best materials that will add the sense of formality. It gives classic and traditional appearance for the living room.

Meanwhile Velvet is suitable for casual setting even though this one is rare and luxurious. And if you want to let the light comes pass through the windows, Sheers might be a good deal for this. But Sheer is not great when you want some privacy, so choose it wisely.

Cotton is the most common curtain fabric that used by many North American homeowners. Also, this material is very easy to clean and that’s why people like it. Another advantage of using Cotton curtains is that this material has wide range of tones, patterns, and sizes.

And now you know which and what type of drapes that might suit the style and desire. Choose the materials, patterns, and colors that will enhance the character of the living room.

Below you’ll find many living room drapes style in different colors and patterns, get inspired and enjoy!

45 Colorful Modern Living Room Drapes Ideas That You Must See