39 Optional Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets Ideas For Eco Friendly Kitchen Atmosphere

39 Optional Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets Ideas For Eco Friendly Kitchen Atmosphere

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Bamboo kitchen cabinets have a lot of benefits especially benefit of the eco-friendly character of bamboo.  Wooden kitchen cabinets noticeably crafted from wooden like oak, maple, and mahogany. However, there is another optional for cabinet material based which is come from bamboo. Bamboo kitchen cabinets costs tend to be cheaper and look more natural and modern. Traditional wooden cabinets are not match with metal elements; meanwhile bamboo cabinets are more flexible that it can be paired together with metal or steels elements.

Highly Sustainable Natural Resources

Bamboo kitchen cabinets are perfect for modern and contemporary design. Apparently, the coarse textures of woods are not against modernistic. Bamboo crafted for kitchen cabinets are simple and very inexpensive. It is quite compelling that bamboo considered as more eco-friendly to the others wood materials. Why is it considered as a material with eco-friendly value? well simply because bamboo is highly sustainable and renewable natural resources. It is require less time to plant bamboo rather than plant Oaks. Bamboo has the ability to grow and harvested within about 7 years, while the other woods need twice time longer than bamboo.

Bamboo kitchen cabinets are in simple shaker style yet pretty edgy. Installing Bamboo kitchen cabinet in your kitchen will make your kitchen looks more sophisticated and appealing. It seems that there is a perfect blend between modern and traditional. Regardless of the plus point of its appearance, cabinet doors and frames known as a rigid material, rigid material will benefited on good construction of cabinets. Bamboo fibers and adhesives were processed under very high pressures thus, the cabinetry made of bamboo tend to be more dense and harder.

Pattern of Bamboo’s Grains

There a lot of patterns offered by bamboo kitchen cabinets. bamboo kitchen cabinets images come with distinct appearances based on bamboo’s grain orientation. Overall, there are three popular patterns of bamboo’s grain: vertical grain, horizontal grains. Vertical grains look richer with stripes compared to horizontal grain. Finally, you can apply your kitchen cabinet based on your favorite grain whether horizontal or vertical. Bamboo cabinets’ also good combine with metal countertops or other wooden materials, all is match with bamboo cabinets. The example of edgy kitchen cabinet with bamboo material can be checked below :

39 Optional Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets Ideas For Eco Friendly Kitchen Atmosphere