23 Cool Basement Wall Ideas That Will Inspire You

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Although basement is one part of your home that is rare to be accessed but with the sleight of hand you can alter your basement into amusing spot. Despite the main function of basement as old stuffs storage, you can augment its functions. Moreover, you can change basement wall systems to be more convenient and enable to be loaded with more functions.   Lacking of inspirations how to beautify and add more functions to your basement? This article will help you come up with the idea of stunning versatile basements.

Generally, majority of people don’t think that basements have loads of potential as space. Mostly, people only think about storage for off -season stuffs, unused things, and so on and so forth. Hence, you can add its function into living room’s extend, retreat area, or even private sanctuary. You can either make it as a place for meditation or yoga. The solitude and silence atmosphere will keep you in single mindedness and ease you to reach the peak of relaxation mood. In order to start your basement projects, the main important is the basements wall. Here are some handy tips for your basement wall ideas.

Make sure that you use waterproofing before you get further on replenishing basement wall ideas.  Some basements require special treatment due to the problems of the waters well up between foundation and wall. Of course you don’t want to keep on redesigning your basement because the wall is always damp because as the result of perking waters. There are variant options to work on your basement wall such as temporary wallpaper, fabric wall panels, framed fabric board, wall painting and so on and so forth.

Here are the examples of basement wall ideas. Regarding with the additional function as a gym spot or yoga spot you can install temporary wallpaper with sport theme in soft color for basement wall decorating ideas. Framed fabric board with sport theme also works well with the concrete wall. Use the room divider and different theme of wall to distinct the functions between storage spaces and gym spot.

23 Cool Basement Wall Ideas That Will Inspire You