22 Inspirational Country Living Room Curtains Ideas for Rustic Style

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The country living room curtains would be the best selection for those who want to bring rustic and vintage style inside the house. The country curtains also offer wide variety of pattern, starts from vintage floral to the saffron unlined panel that will enhance the vintage atmosphere. And even though you have modern minimalist house, the country themed curtain looks match with the interior design. It is like a part of the room keeps the old-fashioned way meanwhile the rest of the room looks contemporary. In short, the country curtains are suitable for any kind of interior design. Also, it is not only the living room but you can use the curtain for the bedroom or the kitchen window.

Colors and Patterns

The best part about this curtain type is that you can choose the colors and patterns based on the interior theme. It gives you freedom to mix and match the colors and patterns that fit with the grand design. If you want the classic style, choose the brown-toned country curtains that keep the rustic and vintage revealed. Or you can steal the shabby chic look by choosing floral themed country curtains. Also, the country curtains are available in exclusive series, like when the Christmas comes. I think it is fun to re-decorate the room and add new window treatments that will change the whole look for the Christmas dinner.

And when it comes about the pattern, the Buffalo Check Lined, Heartfelt, Sturbridge, Primitive, and Farmhouse are several types you can choose as the new window treatments. Make sure you choose the right colors and patterns so you’ll get beautiful arrangements on the living room. Last but not least, the price of country curtains for living room is affordable as you can get them for $14.95 for Sturbridge Valance Navy Unlined on Amazon. Here are 22 best and most impressive designs. Enjoy!

22 Inspirational Country Living Room Curtains Ideas for Rustic Style