21 Wonderful Bamboo Window Blinds Ideas and Cutting Tutorial

By | July 17, 2019
21 Wonderful Bamboo Window Blinds Ideas and Cutting Tutorial

Beautifying the house by installing bamboo window blinds is a good idea. Presenting the natural beauty, this bamboo blind is very suitable for the simple and minimalist house. Since it has a high density, you can keep your privacy with this blind. As we all know, there are many stores which sell this blind. The Bamboo Window Blinds Home Depot is one of the interesting products which you need to try. Usually, this bamboo blind is sold in the wide sizes. It may be uneasy for you to use this wide blind in your house. Because of that reason, you need to know how to cut this bamboo blind correctly.

The Steps to Cut Bamboo Window Blinds

To cut the bamboo window blinds some steps need to be done. Since cutting this blind may void the warranty, you need to think about it before you decide to do this task. Before cutting the blind, you need to measure the space where it will be hang. Use the measuring tape in this first step and do not forget to write the result. Next, measure the bamboo blind with measuring tape. To avoid damage, you need to cover the cutting area using masking tape. Evenly, roll up the blinds and with a rubber band, secure it. Using marker, make sure you mark the area where you want to cut.

After those steps, you can start to cut the bamboo window blinds to the head rail evenly using an electric saw or hacksaw. For narrow blinds, you can cut it with the same amount in the both sides. When it is cut perfectly, simply remove the cover or masking tape immediately. Those are the simple yet important steps for you who want to cut the bamboo blinds. Those steps may not be so suitable for the bamboo window blinds with Art Painting since it is more beautiful the way it is.

Wonderful Bamboo Window Blinds

When your bamboo window blinds is fit the door or window perfectly, it will make your room looks more comfortable. Through the blinds, you can still feel some breezy air which can cool your room. Beautifying this natural blind with some artistic painting and ornaments will also increase the look of it.