170+ Extraordinary Exterior Paint Colors for Homes in Traditional Design

By | July 17, 2019
170+ Extraordinary Exterior Paint Colors for Homes in Traditional Design

The exterior paint colors is one of the things which need to be thought before you build your house. As we all know, there are many colors which can be combined to increase the look of your house. Before choosing the color, you will need to decide the house design that you like. As for the traditional house, you can combine some unusual colors and make it looked extraordinary. To ease you, there are many exterior paint colors for homes pictures which you can found in the internet. Through these pictures, you will be able to choose the most suitable paint color for your house.

Unusual Combination 

The unique combination of exterior paint colors can be used in the traditional house. Since the traditional house usually using wooden wall and classic windows, you can try to do some experiments to combining some different colors. For example, you can choose the turquoise paint for wall color. Simply combine it with the white painted pillars near the wall. Painting the window’s cover in red will make this combination complete. White fencing combined with red door create a cozy atmosphere in your facade.

Not only combining three colors in your exterior paint colors, you can also use just two colors on it. Grey painted wall can make your traditional house looked simpler. White color can be used in the fence and pillars. These white fence and white pillars will fit the grey painted wall perfectly. Black roof and a high stone chimney are completing this traditional house. Minimalist garden is increasing the traditional look of this house exterior.

Natural Details

Combining the natural material and exterior paint colors can make it more amazing. Grey roof and grey painted wall can be mixed with wooden door and simple wooden garage door. The stone fence and white pillars make the house facade simpler and more comfortable. Located near the lush green trees, this traditional house looked very comfortable. There are many interesting examples of exterior paint colors for homes which will make you feel easier to decide the best color for your house.