17 Beautiful Rustic Window Treatment Ideas You Can Try Today

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Rustic window treatments are completely exquisite. Rustic designs are still popular and seize people’s attention. Though of in this modern era, urban designs have dominated each inch of home decoration but the idea of classic and vintage like a rustic designs remain top trend also. Basically, having projects on windows treatments should be associated with your home designs. It is better to have a windows with the same theme with your home designs to keep the rustic decor window treatments balance and harmonious.

Rustic window treatments usually use windows frame with elegant curve and drop down shades of its own. Keep in mind to choose the window with double roller to enable people from outside also able to see the elegant of your windows. The good window treatment is when it creates stylish and pretty look from the inside and outside. With double roller shades you can use two different fabrics regarding the colors and patterns. Windows with double roller ease you to customize which curtain is better for outside and which one is more suitable to be seen from inside.

Give strong visual accent on your rustic window treatments with arch bow windows. The arch shapes somehow creates unique contour for your rustic designs. Indeed, home with roman designs mostly used windows with the arch shapes.  To get more classic ambience you can have circular windows for your upstairs home. Circular windows with fiber glasses form the first floor to the second floor will create majestic impression like a typical of castle in roman emperor. Anyway, this windows style is not suitable with small home. For additional windows treatments with circular glasses, you can barely prepare super width and long curtain to cover your window from the upper stairs to the downstairs.

Rustic window treatments using circular glasses might be too expensive or might not be that fit in with your home designs. However, there is still another modern rustic window treatments for your rustic windows. Playing with the windows drapery and windows curtains, get some curtains rich with classic ornaments and rich in warm color, you will like the tufted look and surprisingly easy roman shades.

17 Beautiful Rustic Window Treatment Ideas You Can Try Today