157 Inspiring Color Ideas for Living Room with Various Themes & Styles 2019

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Primarily, deciding and implementing color ideas for living room can be completely easy if you already knew how to pick the right hue which will express the theme of your residence interior decoration. For instance, color ideas for modern living room are dominated with some clean and modest hues such as white, grey, black, blue, and so on. Then, color ideas for country living room will be filled with warmer colors such as brown. Of course, you still can have some improvisations and blend the colors based on your inspiration and individual taste as well, as long as it can present the main theme of the decoration.

Color Ideas for Living Room with Modern Concept

For you who adore contemporary them, then color ideas for living room with specific hues such as white, grey, and a little bit black will be the best recommendation. And to make those colors become fully spark you need to make a melodious composition. Combine the white painted wall and white marble floor with some modern furniture in trendy color such as black L shaped sofa, glass coffee table, and maybe you can add white transparent window curtains and grey rug as well.

Moreover, the modern style also still allows some bright colors as the hint. Implementing color ideas for living room with several of hues such as red, green, or blue can be very smart as long as the composition still shows the futuristic vibe. For instance, you can choose red long window curtains as the mate for the white painted wall. Or if you want to make green painted wall as the hint in your living room decoration you can combine it with some modest furniture such as cream sofa and simple rectangular coffee table.

Color Ideas for Living Room with Country Style and Others

The country basically also demonstrates an alluring idea of color choices. You can mix a brown painted wall with dark wooden floor to get warmer ambiance. Or if you are a vintage and shabby style enthusiast you can choose some beautiful colors such as turquoise, light green, pink and putting specific patterns such as floral pattern. After all, all color ideas for living room will perfectly show the beauty of the main theme which you really like if you can blend melodiously between the main hue and the additional or hint hues.

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