154 Stylish Rustic Kitchen Cabinets Ideas For Country Style Kitchen

154 Stylish Rustic Kitchen Cabinets Ideas For Country Style Kitchen

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Rustic kitchen cabinets really appeals for traditional designs. These kitchen cabinets will add the country style on your kitchen. Let’s explore what kind of kitchen cabinets that can be placed to create stylish country kitchen.  When it comes to ethnic country style, some of you may think traditional stuffs, outdated things, look old and so on and so forth. But hold on, here is the truth, with the right touches; even the DIY rustic kitchen cabinets can be look stunningly high class in design.

Tips to Pick Rustic Cabinets

To inject the country atmosphere within your kitchen decoration, choose the strongest element which is heavily used like rustic kitchen cabinets. Rustic cabinets come in wide vary of styles, materials and colors. When it comes to select the material, what you need to understand is associate your kitchen cabinet with the entire kitchen, don’t try to against it otherwise it will look counterintuitive. Second try to select strong and rigid materials. Ask recommendation from home interior designer if it is necessary. Thirdly, last consideration will be based on the prices. Indeed, people have to be in budget realistic and stick with it.

Literally, wood is the material common to use for rustic kitchen ideas. Pine is a quite popular among wooden materials. It has quite rigid texture and also affordable priced. Although the texture of pine is quite rigid visually, but it is not completely strong and potential leak pitch if it is not properly treated on these rustic kitchen cabinets. In the other hand, cherry, oak and maple offer sturdier woods, they won’t easy to crack or warp. However, the most outstanding material is oak; it has excellence combination of strength, exotic appearance and reasonable cost.

DIY Rustic Kitchen Cabinet

Here is one recommendation of rustic kitchen cabinets from DIY.   Wooden rustic shelves from DIY, offering country impression, once your sight stop on it. It has quite coarse texture which makes this shelve more natural. Rustic kitchen storages with stackable wicker can be alternative for your rustic kitchen idea. If you are thinking about saving spaces, hanging wood spice rack is perfect choice to replace the use of low cabin. Lastly, add oak timber dining kitchen with light brown color for the exotic look.

154 Stylish Rustic Kitchen Cabinets Ideas For Country Style Kitchen