125 Great Bathroom Ideas for Small Spaces with Lovely Modern Concept

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If you have limited space in your bathroom, then some bathroom ideas for small spaces will be much needed. Here is the suggestion about how to implement modern bathroom ideas for small spaces practically. Basically, great bathroom ideas for small spaces always come with soft main hues such as white, cream or pastel. Those colors will escalate the spacious atmosphere in your bathroom. Then, some bright colors can also be applied as the additional hint through some bathroom furniture or accessories.

Bathroom Ideas for Small Spaces with Chic Soft Hues

Firstly, you need to make sure about the main color for every element. Bathroom ideas for small spaces with white tile wall and floor are the best. Perhaps, some glass elements such as glass door for the shower room will make the small space appears so trendy. Of course you need to maintain the spacious atmosphere by picking up the right size of the door. Secondly, white bathtub with simple and medium size along together with single white marble basin will be the next recommendation. And please not to forget about the benefit of high ceiling. If you have it, then your small bathroom will also get better air circulation, but if your bathroom ceiling is lower than the normal form, you still get spacious ambiance by reducing any kind of crowded pattern and ornament.

About the hint, you can present some colorful hint and make the white become beautiful crisp main background. Some bathroom ideas for small spaces recommend specific items as your best choice, such as green floral printed curtains, wooden rattan basket, chic simple mirror with gold frame, and colorful rugs. You can arrange them in the right position without making any unwanted crowded effects. The key is staying simple but give a portion for color hint.

Bathroom Ideas for Small Spaces which Express Your Character

However, the best decoration is always about expressing your identity and taste. To get more intimate atmosphere, perhaps you can put some your personal stuffs and favorite items but still in a good proportion so your small bathroom will appear so charming. And of courseĀ  bathroom ideas for small spaces will be perfect in the end as long as you can choose the right color, material and additional furniture based on your needs as well.

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