103 Best European Kitchen Cabinets Ideas: Two Inspiring Designs

103 Best European Kitchen Cabinets Ideas: Two Inspiring Designs

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European kitchen cabinets inspiring kitchen design lately. European cabinets can be tailored with any kitchen designs. To help you design your kitchen projects, European style kitchen cabinets present with large choices from styles, colors and materials. Now you can select based on your personality and preference.  Gather your ideas and inspirations of edgy kitchen with European style, and then start to collect the interiors.

European kitchen cabinets can be presented in classic traditional concept and also can be presented in modern concepts of European kitchen style. You can either design your kitchen like backdated to medieval era or middle age of roman era. In the other side you can turn it into contemporary urban style. Whether you want to set your kitchen with the rustic looks typical of Nordic countries in midcentury or you want to set it in minimalist urban era, the key is you have to stick with both functional and harmonious look, be consistent with one dominant style, don’t try to mix both of styles unless you are the expert designers. Play savvy in design matter is important for novices.

Traditional Rustic Designs

Traditional design for European kitchen cabinets often featured geometric forms with curves or abstract patterns from woods grains. Rustic traditional designs often come in associating with natural materials for its cabinets, countertops, backsplashes and even tiles or floors. The countertops usually consistent with one tone pattern of granite which is combined with wooden cabinets.  To add the rustic effects, you can install sleek hardwood floors and bold wooden furniture in these modern kitchen cabinets.

Seamless Urban Design

European kitchen cabinets for contemporary design tend to be featured with materials like ceramics, molded plastics, stainless, or laminate. Most of modern kitchen cabinets look seamless with simple lines and minimalist styles. To add a sleek of modern designs to your kitchen, try to add accessories and small components from metal or laminate like kitchen utensils, coffee makers, blenders etc. Indeed, these kitchen components can be both functional and attractive. Kitchen utensils can help you on your cooking time yet in the same time bring decorative value.  The key of modern style is to stick with minimalists style and attract the visual with seamless of steels or metals.

103 Best European Kitchen Cabinets Ideas: Two Inspiring Designs